Reply To: Shreya Bot

  • Tony

    October 6, 2022 at 2:30 pm

    Hello Paul, Kindly note that the Shreya bot does not need any dependency to work, it is an exe file, therefore it has all dependencies. if you are trying to download. make sure you have disabled antivirus.

    for the timeframe issue, we decided to go with the 1h timeframe, and may not change this for the long term. this is because the bot has statistically worked best on the 1h timeframe.

    finally as explained in both of our videos. this bot is a SPOT TRADING BOT. and will only buy BTC at calculated low prices, and it may not take trades for even a month. in order to avoid trading costs damage, and ensure high profitability. Hopefully in the future we will release futures trading bots for lower timeframes.

    The Shreya bot is on a sell Trade (has converted all BTC to USDT), since August, and has not entered any trades since then as BTC continues to range around $20.000.

    Note: it will only enter a new trade if it confirms that the price of BTC will go up.

    finally this forum is not dead, we are just starting out, and there are so many exciting things to come.