Reply To: Shreya Bot

  • Paul

    September 27, 2022 at 5:07 pm

    Criticism: People need to understand this a phython based bot. Using juypter to read the data would require a tutorial in itself. I personally have had to look elsewhere to extract the raw data from the BinanceAPI and to learn what i can about pyhton and juypter in 2 days! This bot has a lot of dependencies that if not pre-solved ebfore running will not run. It assumes everyone has pre-installed python and understand how to use it. The code provided in the preset files might work for some but without explanation in the videos you’ve made i have had to look elsewhere to see how i can visualize the data. Some of the code still does not work under certain circumstances.

    Additionally the fact that this support forum is near dead is a problem as well. I have Shreya bot running now but i have no idea if it is working correctly. Its been running for over 40 hours now with not 1 trade taken. I’m not sure if its working or not despite its says it is Running….

    I’ll give this another week then i’ll stop using it for security and safety concerns. I like your setup and presentations but there is definitely not enough support or clarity so i’ll give it another week like i said. I will use other vendors who provide direct WhatsApp support and seem to care about their products/services.

    I look forward to your profit lock videos. Of course i would like to see how these worl with other EA’s if they are considered an EA. As far as i understand you cannot use 2 EAs on 1 chart.